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Der Befehlshaber der Gläubigen über sich selbst


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In dieser Khutba, die in die englische Sprache übersetzt wurde, spricht der Befehlshaber der Gläubigen Mawla Ali ibn Abi Talib über sich selbst.

Mawla Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s., die Person, über die der Prophet Muhammad saas. sinngemäß sagte,

das diese sogar höher steht als jegliche Beschreibungen.



Imam Ali sagte, du wirst göttliche Geheimnisse über uns in meiner Khutbat ul Bayan finden,

von denen niemand in der Lage ist diese zu verstehen, außer ein rechtgeleiteter Gelehrter.



Imam Ali delivered the following Sermon:


I am the one who has the keys of the unknown and no one else has access

to these treasures except and foremost Mohammed and then myself.

I possess knowledge about everything,

I am the one about whom RasoolAllah has said, 'I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gateway'.

I am Zulkarnain who's virtues are revealed in the Divine Books,

I am that Hajar Mukarra, from where 12 springs will emerge,

I am the holder of Sulayman's Ring, I am the one who appraises the deeds of masses,

I am Lohay-Mahfooz, I am Jumb-Allah, and Qalab-Allah.

I am the one who has control over people's views and beliefs and they will all return to us

and we are entrusted with the authority to evalutate their deeds,

I am the one about whom RasoolAllah said, 'O Ali your conduct is the 'Sirat al Mustaqeem

and your judgement is, in fact, the verdict of thy Lord'.

I have the Divine Knowledge about the past and the future.

I am the First Adam and I am the first Nuh.

I am the reliever of Ibrahim haleel when he was thrown into the pool of fire,

I am the proof of Divine mysteries, I am the rescuer and redeemer of a momim,

I create the means, I form clouds, grow leaves on the trees and bless them with the fruits

and make springs to gush out of the earth's crust. I laid down the earth and raised up the skies,

I separate truth from falsehood, I will send people towards heaven and hellfire,

I deliver the meanings of Heavenly scripts, I was created Masoom by Allah,

I am the treasurer of Divine knowledge, I am Allahs Hujjat on His creatures, both in the skies and on the earth,

I represent His integrity and justice, I am the Dabatul Arz, I will blow the first Surr on the Final Day of Judgement,

I am Rarifa, I am Allahs Symbol which will be shown on the day of Resurrection,

I am the one, from whom nothing is concealed that may be on the face of the earth or

residing in the gardens of heaven, I am that moment in time of Allah who's denier will deserve the punishment of hellfire,

I am that Divine Book of Allah which has no ambiguity, I am those names of Allah, which should be recited during all prayers.

I am the Divine Light from which Musa benefited and succeeded,

I am the one who would bring down high risers with tremor and I will comfort the Mu'mineen as they emerge out of their graves.

I am the one who has one thousand books of the Divine Prophet,

I speak all languages of the world, I am the companion and deliverer of Nuh,

I console Ayyub when he was suffering and I cured his illness,

I comforted Younis and showed him the way out, I am the holder of that Whistle which will destroy everything

and I will, subsequently, bring back to life all people, and I will look after the affairs of the Final day.

I have raised the seven skies with the powers and commandments, entrusted to me by my Lord

I am very kind and extend pardon but my wrath is certainly the wrath of Allah.

I am the one who was praised by Ibrahim haleel after he has been saved

I am the wonder of Musa which will punish all sinners,

I am the one, who when looked at the skies, did not find anyone who could challenge me.

I am the one who counts His creatures, even though they are numerous, and make sure they return back to their Lord.

I am the trustee who protects Divine commands. I do not treat anyone with unkindness,

as I am the Divine sustainer Wali Allah. His commands have been entrusted upon me and I have been made ruler over masses by my Lord.

I am the one who called the Moon and the Sun and they moved forward in my obedience.

I am the one who called upon seven skies and they bow down on my instructions and stabilised in perfect posture.

I am the one who nominated all Prophets, created all worlds and laid down the earth.

I am aware of all those affairs which have been made compulsory. I am the Amr of Allah and the Spirit of Allah,

as Allah says, 'they ask you about the Spirit, you tell them that Spirit is from Allahs Amr.

I am the one about whom Allah has said to His Prophets, 'Two of you will send each and every malicious non-believer to the hellfire'.

I am the one who brought into existence everything, with the blessings of my Lord, after they were composed.

I am the one who anchored the mountains and spread the layers of earth, I am the one who makes spring water flow,

bring crops to yield grains, enable trees to grow and bless them with fruits.

I am the one who predicts the sustenance required by the living species and bring down the rain,

make clouds to produce thunder and flash lightening.

I am the one who gave golden rays to the Sun and enabled it to rise in the morning and created stars in the sky.

I stabilise the boats in the deep oceans, I will bring the final day of judgement.

I am the one who has no sign of decay and cannot be eradicated.

I am fully aware of the instant and place of creation of each and everything, the fears which, pass through the minds,

the affairs of intermittent eyes and all that which are hidden in the hearts.

I am the Salat, Zakat, Hajj and Jihad of a true believer.

I am the one who has been nominated by Allah to blow the final whistle,

I am the manager and owner of all affairs from the beginning to the end,

I was the first, being created from the Divine Noor, I am the one who creates bright stars and takes away accumulated wealth

I have control over earthquakes and colossal tremors; I am the bearer of galaxies and destroy matter.

I understand the reasons of manaya and Balaya and distinguish between the just and unjust.

I am the holder of eloquent columns of heaves, which could never be replicated by the cities,

and I will be distributing its bounties. I annihilate the arrogant and malicious with Zulfiqar.

I am the one who boarded Nuh on to the rescue boat and saved and consoled Ibrahim from the ravaging flames, ignited by Namrud

I was the saviour of Yousif in the time of his impoverished grief and pulled him out of the deep well.

I am the master and mentor of Musa and Khizr. I am the treasurer of the heavens and the worlds underneath the skies.

I create the features of babies in the wombs of their mothers, I give eyesight to those who are born blind and heal the incurable.

I am aware of all that is kept in the minds and hearts and all that which is consumed and stored in the houses.

I am that Ba-auza which Allah has referred to in the Quran.

I am the one who was nominated by Allah at the time when all creatures were surrounded by the darkness and invited them to find salvation,

under my guidance, but they disregarded their Lords commands, after coming into existence.

Allah has described this, 'when he was sent to them they did not recognise him and became non-believers'.

I am the one who puts, with Divine blessings, the layers of flesh on the bones and I will, with my pious off-springs,

carry Divine domain and Liway-al-Hamd. I know the hidden meanings of Quran and I am the master of previously revealed Books.

I know the true interpretation of the Quran and I am the Wajh(Face) of Allah in the skies and on the earth.

For this, Allah says, ' Everything will be destroyed except the Wajh of Allah.

I am the one who will cause extinction to all evil powers. I am that gateway of Allah for which Allah says,

'those who have denied My Signs and became arrogant , neither doors of skies will be opened for them

nor will they be allowed to enter into the gardens of paradise, like a camel who can never manage to go through the eye of a needle,

and that's how We punish the criminals.

I am the one who is obeyed by Jibraeel and Mikaeel and I am the one who has appointed both Jibraeel and Michaeel

to manage spring-water which follows from the gardens of paradise.

I am the one who rotates duties of angles on the earth and know all people by their clan and to whom they follow.

I am the one for whom the Sun was retrieved back twice.

I am the one for whom Allah has specifically appointed Jibraeel and Mikaeel to abide by my instructions.

I am one of the most liked names of Allah, which is above all and the most elevated. I am the one who appeared at the mountain of Toor,

I am the Divine display of Allah, I am the gate of Ma3moor. I am Hars-o-Nasal.

I am the one who's obedience has been made compulsory by Allah on every soul and breathing species.

I will resurrect all, starting from the first to the last ones.

I eliminate cruel murderers with my sword Zulfiqar and burn away their essence of life with the wrath of Divine fire.

I am the one to whom Allah has given full discretion over all religious affairs and I will take revenge from the cruel offenders.

I am the one for whom all nations were asked to submit, but whoever refused and offended the Divine obligation, was annihilated.

I am the one who will remove hypocrites from RasoolAllah fountain of Al-Kauthar.

I am that gateway of Allah which has been opened for people, whoever enters into it will be saved but whoever turns away from it,

would be pronounced as a non-believer. I am the one who holds the keys to the paradise as well as hellfire,

I am the one who declared war against those oppressors who tried to extinguish the Divine light and stood in the way of His messengeras.

Thus Allah eradicated their schemes and saved His Messenger and perfectly established His commandments.

Allah blessed His messenger with the Spring of Kauthar and awarded me with the eternal life.

I came to the earth to console Prophet Mohammed. Thus, Allah blessed some with my recognition,

whereas deprived others to acknowledge my attributes.

I am standing in the skies where only souls are able to travel and I am the only one who is able to breath there.

I have the Divine knowledge but I opt to remain silent whereas Mohammed preaches the religious message.

I am the holder of Quran–al-Aula. I saved Musa from the deep waters and made Pharaoh to drown.

I was holder of the wrath of Allah which was sent to the nation of Musa.

I am the most knowledgeable person and understand the communication of birds and animals.

I am the Symbol of Allah, Commands of Allah and I am the beginning and I am the end.

I bring beings back to life and I take them to the valley of death, and again life stems from my commands.

I provide sustenance and I listen to the calls of all creatures. I am aware of all and everything is under my observation.

I am the one who visits the seven skies and the earth in an instant. I am the first and the final word of Allah.

I am the Zulqarnain, RasoolAllah depicted me as Zulqarnain of his nation.

I am the master of that camel which was sent to Prophet Saleh

I am the one who will blow the Divine whistle on the day, which will be diabolical for the non-believers and

there will not be any moment of relief. I am the Ism al Azam which is Kaf ha ya ayn sad.

I am the one who conversed from the cradle of Jesus. I am the one who spoke with honest Yousif while he was very young,

I am inimitable and there is no one to bear resemblance to me. I am the severe wrath of Allah.

I will remain until the end and will be glorified by my Lord and assemble everyone and bring about the final day of judgement.

I am one of those branches of Olive, for which Allah says 'by the Figtree and the Olive'

I am one of the Divine Torches of Prophecy and I reveal matters where and when I wish.

I am the one who observes the deeds of masses. There is nothing in the skies nor on the earth, which is hidden from me.

I am the light of guidance and the candleholder in which the Noor of Prophet Mohammed is placed.

I am the one who should be acknowledged, without accepting my Divine authority, the deeds of worshipers are worthless.

I hold the keys to all miracles and unusual signs that appear, either in the skies or on the earth.

I bring about the Divine Justice and I am aware of all the turmoil and disasters, which strike from time to time.

I know the population of the ants and know their burden and listen to their sighs,

I know the count and heaviness of mountains, and know the droplets of rain showers.

I am that Ayat ul Kubra which was shown to Pharaoh when he was among the wrong doers.

I am the one who turned towards the two qiblas and will twice resurrect all beings.

I am the one who reveals various commandments, in any form, I choose.

I am the one who sprinkled dust on the faces of non-believers.

I am the one who's Divine authority was denied by thousands of nations in the past and in lieu to this, they were struck by my Lord's wrath.

I am the one who was praised, even before the existence of time and I will appear again near the final day of judgement.

I am the one who destroyed the mighty Pharaoh and his kingdom, and punish the last ones Jibt wal Taghoot,

burn alive Yauqa, Yakhuza and Nasra since they are responsible for misguiding numerous nations.

I communicate in many languages and can offer verdict in over seventy forms.

I am the Divine interpreter of the Quran and I am aware of all that would be needed by the followers.

I witness all that occurs during the day and night and all that will occur until the final day of judgement.

I am the one who enjoys seventy-two names of Allah. I observe deeds of all species, being spread from the East to the West

and there is nothing hidden from me which belongs to them.

I am the Kabah, Bait-ul-Haram and bait-ul-Tayaq, for which Allah says, 'worship the 'Rab' of these houses'.

I am the one who would be made custodian, instantly, by the Lord, of the East and the West.

I am the Mohammed al Mustafa and I am the Ali al Murtada, just as Mohammed has said, 'Ali is from me'.

I am the praiseworthy of Ruh-ul-Quds,

I am the one who cannot be represented by a name or resembled with any entity.

I bring to life all species the way I like and I am the bab e Hetah for those who wish to succeed.

There is no one but the greatest and the most eloquent Lord, may Allahs peace be upon Mohammed and his progeny

and all praise is for Allah Who provides means of subsistence to all the inhabitants of the Worlds.



(Mishariq al Anwar al Yaqin)



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